There are several new machines to master involving the manipulation of fluids and the production of a steam power to run more complex machines that will speed up your processes for performing some crafting tasks.


These items are used as components in more complex machines.

Steel Frame:

steel frame blocks

The Steel Frame is used in many parts, it is made up of Steel Bars:

steel frame recipe

Steam Governor:

steam governor recipe

The steam governor is made from sticks, brass ingots, and iron nuggets.

Metal Plates:

Metal plates can be made of 3 ingots in a row in the crafting table, and are used throughout the machine recipes. Particularly iron and steel plates.

iron plate recipe

Fluid Handling

Harnessing the flow of water and other fluids will be necessary to expand your operations.

Fluid Pipes

Fluid Pipes can be made out of Iron Ingots or Copper Ingots, the recipe looks like:

fluid pipe recipe

These pipe blocks will transport fluids from various fluid containers.

Drain Block

You can drain fluid from bodies of water using the Drain Block.

drain block recipe

The drain is made out of Brass Bars, a Steel Frame, Fluid Pipes, and Steel Plates.

Drains work by sucking in fluid blocks connected to bodies of water above them.

drain example

Discharge Block

The discharge block is the opposite of the Drain. It takes fluids out of a container and returns them to fluid blocks in the world.

discharge recipe

A discharge is made out of Steel Bars, a Steel Frame, Fluid Pipes, and Steel Plates.

discharge example

Metal Fluid Tank

The Metal Fluid Tank can store fluids. If you click on it with an empty bucket it will fill that bucket with the fluid, if you click on it with a filled bucket the bucket will empty into the tank.

metal tank

Fluids passed in by pipe will accumulate in the tank and can be drawn from by machines that need water.

The fluid tank is made of steel ingots and a fluid pipe.

metal tank recipe

Fluid Switch

The fluid switch lets you turn on and off the flow of fluids through pipes with redstone signals.

fluid switch

The recipe for a fluid switch is fluid pipes, a steel frame, and a lever.

fluid switch recipe

Oil and Refining Oil

Throughout the world you will now find oil wells. You can collect this fluid with buckets or the fluid drains, and use it to power some of your machines.

oil example

You can even refine your oil into a more potent form for a more space efficient fuel. Oil burns for longer than coal and refined oil burns a lot longer than regular oil.

Distillation Furnace

The Distillation Furnace can use coal to transform a fluid. Currently this machine is used to convert crude oil into refined oil.

distillation furnace setup

When you click on the distillation furnace you will see a UI showing its progress.

distillation furnace example

The recipe for the furnace is:

distillation furnace recipe

Producing and Harnessing Steam

Harnessing steam power is key to progressing into a more automated supply chain and building more complex machines. The first task you can harness the power of steam for is creating an automatic crusher so that you don’t have to keep hitting things with the Crack Hammer by hand.

Steam Pipes

You will need a special brass pipe in order to move steam around.

steam pipe recipe

Steam Tank

You can store steam you have generated in a steam tank. It will then be distributed to machines that need the steam that are connected to the tank.

steam tank example

Creating a Steam Tank requires a Steam Pipe, Steam Governor, and Copper Plates:

steam tank recipe

Steam Switch

The Steam Switch allows you to control the flow of steam through pipes with redstone signals.

steam switch exmaple

It is made from a Lever, a Steel Frame, and Steam Pipes.

steam switch recipe

Steam Generators

There are many different ways to heat water to produce steam. All of these blocks take in water and put out steam.

Coal-Fired Broiler

The coal fired steam broiler uses coal to boil water and produce steam.

coal fired steam broiler recipe

It is made from Steel Frame, Iron Plates, Steam Governors, and a Steam Pipe.

Oil Broiler

The oil broiler uses flammable liquids such as Crude or Refined Oil to produce Steam.

oil broiler gui

The Oil Broiler is made from Iron Plates, Steam Governors, a Furnace, a Bucket, and a Steel Frame.

oil broiler recipe

Geothermal Broiler

The Geothermal Broiler uses lava blocks to produce its steam.

geothermal broiler example

The recipe for the Geothermal Broiler is:

Geothermal Broiler recipe

It is made from Obsidian, Iron Plates, Steam Governors, a Steel Frame, and a Steam Pipe.

Steam Machines

These machines harness the steam produced to perform work.

Steam Crusher

The Steam Crusher performs the same work as a Crack Hammer.

Steam Crusher GUI

You can make it with Steam Governors, a Piston, Steel Frame, Iron Plates, and a Block of Steel.

Steam Crusher Recipe

Blast Furnace

The Blast Furnace can be used to smelt multiple things at once, and do so at a much faster rate.

Blast Furnace Gui

It is made with a Furnace, Steam Governors, Iron Plates, and a Steel Frame.

Blast Furnace Recipe

Steam-Powered Still

The Steam Still will also distill fluids, turning crude oil into refined oil just like the coal fired distiller.

Steam Still GUI

The Steam Still is made with Buckets, Steam Governors, Steel Frame, and Iron Plates:

steam still recipe


Many of the machines used in MK: Ultra have been implemented by 2 third party mods: Steam Advantage and Power Advantage. The content from those mods here is a reproduction of the original aforementioned wikis for the ease of use of MK: Ultra players. A huge thank you to DrCyano (now retired) and his successor jriwanek for making these mod and keeping them updated!