There are currently 12 classes in MK: Ultra, with concrete plans for 5 more and a goal of adding as many as we feel like. While all classes can succeed on their own, some may do so more effectively than others. Some classes really begin to shine when you have multiple people taking on different roles following the traditional holy trinity breakdown of Tank, Healer, and DPS.


Tanks focus on taking damage, controlling the movement of enemies, and otherwise protecting their teammates.

Green Knight

The Green Knight wields the power of a nature spirit to heal and cleanse their allies and harry their enemies.

Green Knights wear heavy armor and are unlocked by the Desperate Icon.

green knight skill icons

  • Skin Like Wood - Toggle ability that buffs your armor; every hit you take with Skin Like Wood active will drain 1 mana.
  • Nature’s Remedy - Gives your target a heal over time.
  • Cleansing Seed - Projectile that damages enemies and removes effects from friends.
  • Spirit Bomb - Projectile that explodes after 2 seconds, damaging enemies in the area.
  • Explosive Growth - Dash forward, damaging all enemies you hit and casting Cleansing Seed and Nature’s Remedy on your allies and yourself.


The Brawler is adept at melee combat and can increase the effectiveness of his allies in melee.

Brawlers wear medium armor and are unlocked by the Sun Icon.

brawler skill icons

  • Yank - Pulls the target (enemy or friend) towards you.
  • Furious Brooding - Gives you strong health regeneration, but slows you down.
  • Yaup - Increases your allies attack speed and damage for a short period of time.
  • Stunning Shout - Stuns a target enemy.
  • Whirlwind Blades - Strikes all enemies close to you repeatedly.

Wave Knight

The Wave Knight uses the power of the seas to pummel their foes and protect their allies.

Wave Knights wear Heavy Armor and are unlocked by the Moon Icon.

wet knight skill icons

  • Whirlpool - Places a whirlpool on the ground, sucking enemies in and dotting them.
  • Wave Dash - Dashes forward damaging all enemies in your path. If a target is afflicted by Whirlpool the damage the move thereafter will double.
  • Underway - Buffs all surrounding players, giving them move speed and cooldown reduction.
  • Heaving Seas - Damages and knocks up enemies around you, slowing them. If they have whirlpool’s dot on them when they land they will take more damage.
  • Wave Break - Toggle ability that gives you a large buff to health, armor, and magic armor and causes you to absorb most of the damage your teammates take.

Moon Knight

The Moon Knight uses vampiric powers to keep themselves and their allies safe.

Moon Knights wear heavy armor and are unlocked by the Moon Icon.

moon knight skill icons

  • Vampiric Revere - Toggle ability that gives you lifesteal on hit, but drains 1 mana every time you attack.
  • Crescent Slash - Strikes an enemy and all enemies around it.
  • Nocturnal Communion - Buffs all surrounding players, giving them life steal.
  • Duality Rune - Places a rune on the ground that explodes after a second, damaging enemies and healing allies around it.
  • Moon Trance - Buffs all surrounding players, giving them mana regen and thorns-like damage shield.


Mages wear the lightest of armor and almost never engage in melee. They can deal massive amounts of damage and have ways to keep distance between themselves and their enemies.

Nether Mage

Nether Mages harness the power of fire to burn and explode their enemies.

They wear robes and are unlocked with the Sun Icon.

nether mage skill icons

  • Ember - Damages your target and sets them ablaze.
  • Warp Curse - Places a DOT on your target that warps them around while damaging them.
  • Flame Wave - Damages all enemies around you, dealing double damage if they are burning.
  • Fire Armor - Buffs all surrounding players, giving them absorption and fire resistance.
  • Ignite - Damages your target, and if the target is on fire, ignites the area damaging all surrounding targets and setting them on fire.

Brine Wizard

The Brine Wizard uses the power of the seas to throw enemies around and drown them.

They wear robes and are unlocked with the Sun Icon.

wet wizard skill icons

  • Drown - Launches a projectile that inflicts a short DoT.
  • Geyser - Launches a projectile that sits for a second, then explodes, damaging enemies and knocking them up.
  • Esuna - Restores mana to and cures nearby allies.
  • Undertow - Buffs all surrounding players, giving them extra damage to enemies suffering from Drown’s dot.
  • Mass Drown - Spreads drown from the target to surrounding targets.


Healers provide beneficial buffs to their allies and restore their health after they take damage. They tend to be fairly survivable and absolutely valuable in group settings. Healers are often some of the best classes to play as solo because of their survivability as well.


The Cleric is skilled at keeping allies alive and making them stronger while fighting in the thick of the melee. They are also a force to be reckoned with when it comes to fighting the undead.

Clerics wear heavy armor and are unlocked by the Sun Icon.

cleric skill icons

  • Smite - Calls upon holy powers to damage your enemy, rooting them for a short time.
  • Heal - Heals your target, or you if you have no target. Deals double damage to undead.
  • Galvanize - Cures players around you and gives them a jump buff.
  • Power Word: Summon - Summons your target, rooting them for a short time.
  • Inspire - Encourage your allies, increasing their attack speed and giving them regeneration.


The Druid does a bit of everything, with offensive spells, melee buffs, and a heal you can find druids engaging in melee or hanging back to nuke from afar.

Druids wear light armor and are unlocked with the Sun Icon.

druid skill icons

  • Ball Lightning - Launches a projectile that deals lightning damage as it travels.
  • Flame Blade - Buffs all surrounding players, giving them burning damage on hit.
  • Spirit of Wolf - Buff that speeds your target up.
  • Life Spring - Heals all allies in the area.
  • Phoenix Aspect - Buffs the druid, granting them flight, significantly reduced cooldowns, and causing Flame Blade attacks to shoot fire.

Damage Dealers

Damage dealers focus on killing monsters as fast as possible. They tend to have lighter armor and lower health. They can put out the highest damage and tend to have good mobility options.


The Archer excels at hitting things with arrows.

Archers wear light armor and are unlocked with the Sun Icon.

archer skill icons

  • Flint Hound - Summons flint and feathers for the making of arrows.
  • Fire Arrow - Launches an arrow that ignites an enemy. If the enemy is already on fire, they explode.
  • Poison Arrow - Launches a magic arrow that poisons and slows an enemy. At level 2 the effects are spread to nearby enemies.
  • Repulse - Pushes all around you away.
  • Arrow Storm - Launches many arrows all at once, based on the arrow currently being used in your bow.


The Ranger is the perfect DPS to take into the dark, with strong manueverabiltiy and survivability the ranger excels at short and medium range combat.

Rangers wear medium armor and are unlocked with the Moon Icon.

ranger skill icons

  • Practiced Hunter - The ranger restores hunger and grants themself night vision for a short period.
  • Fairy Fire - The ranger throws a projectile that inflicts a small dot and highlights all foes in the area around the target.
  • Wild Toxin - The ranger buffs their weapons to decrease enemy attack speed and increase damage taken toggle with mana per hit.
  • Desperate Surge - The ranger subtracts hunger from themselves to gain damage absorption and health.
  • Slaying Edge - The ranger executes a short/melee range, high damage single target nuke. If it kills the target provide a damage boost to the party.


The Skald is an offensive focused bard that can easily manauver about the battle field.

Skalds wear medium armor and are unlocked with the Sun Icon.

skald skill icons

  • Notorious DoT - Damages all enemies around you.
  • Kanye Cutter - Warps you to your target, damaging and withering them.
  • Swift’s Rodeo Heartbreak - Speeds up all your surrounding allies.
  • KP’s Dark Wail - Damages and roots all enemies around you.
  • Miley’s Bangerz - Gives all your allies absorption and buffs their damage.

Crafting Classes

Crafting classes don’t necessarily excel in combat. They have abilities that focus on making them better at non-combat activities like mining, building, or farming.


The digger is great at getting out of holes, always having a bit of bread to eat, and never really being without a pickaxe. An invaluable companion on a long mining session.

Diggers are the only class in the game that can wear restricted armors, including Diamond. They unlock with the Sun Icon.

digger skill icons

  • Golden Opportunity - Creates a Gold(level 1)/Iron(level 2) Pickaxe out of the nearby materials lying around.
  • Hope Bread - Creates bread out of the nearby latent hope.
  • Pierce the Heavens - Creates some ladders so that you make an escape from the doldrums.
  • TNT Whisperer - Creates TNT out of the nearby materials lying around.
  • Lava Wanderer - Grants fire resistance and haste to allies.