At the moment we are only supporting one way to download MK Ultra. We have a launcher that will install our mod and all the companion mods and keep everything up-to-date. This allows us to iterate quickly on our mod and all the dependencies.

In the future we may provide standalone downloads.


If you want a no-hassle updater with all the mods you can use our new launcher:

The launcher will be responsible for downloading everything, setting up forge, and installing all the mods. It will keep you up-to-date automatically.

For Windows: MK Ultra Downloader

For Everyone Else, Also Windows if you don’t want to use the exe, (Requires Java): MK Ultra Downloader Jar

Not using the Launcher

At the moment we don’t have the developer bandwidth to manage distributed the mods outside of our launcher, but if you want to get the jars on their own: download the Launcher version and navigate to Documents/MKUltra Launcher/instances/MKUltra-Complete/minecraft/mods (on windows, not quite sure where it goes on other OS) you will be able to pull out the individual mods.