Party System

Party System

Party Commands

We have implemented a simple party system on top of the built in Team system. When you join a party you will see your teammate’s health and mana on the side of the screen like:

party system

This will also affect how certain abilities in the game work. Offensive abilities will avoid causing friendly-fire to teammates, and certain buffs only apply to teammates. All experience picked up will be shared between all members of the party as well.

In order to make it easier to assemble parties, we have built a simpler system. You can type:

/party invite [PlayerName]

to invite a player. They will see a popup like this:

party invite example

You can also leave your currenty party with the command:

/party leave

To see details about your current party:

/party info


This feature only functions if you are using the Lootable Bodies Mod.

When you are delving deep and a friend dies you don’t necessarily want the fund to end. Bring along some Phoenix Dust in order to summon party members back to their corpse after they die.

phoenix dust recipe

Phoenix Dust can be made from Bone Meal, Diamond Dust, and Rotten Flesh. When you use Phoenix Dust while holding it in your hand near a body of a party member, you will summon that player back to their body.