Weapons and Offhands

Weapons and Offhands

Currently we introduce 2 major new classes of weapon.

  • Spears
  • Magic Idols

Each is designed to take a specific role in combat. Spears give you a longer reach in melee than swords, but you cannot use them and a shield at the same time. This gives players a more offensive melee option. Magic Idols can be held in the main hand or offhand and increase your magic related stats including Total Mana, Mana Regen, Magic Damage, and Magic Armor. Pure casters can hold them in both hands in order to maximize their spellcasting abilities.


Spears are made using this pattern, where the ingot can be replaced with any metal, diamond, cobblestone, or a wood block:

spear recipe

They have a longer reach and slightly stronger damage than a sword, but cannot be used with a shield.


The first Idol you can create is the Wood Idol, it provides minor buffs to Mana Regen, Max Mana, and Magic Armor.

wood idol recipe

The Wood Idol provides .25 Mana Regen, 5 Max Mana, and 1 Magic Armor.

The next Idol is the Brass Idol, which swaps the Magic Armor for Magic Damage making you a little more offensive:

brass idol recipe

The Brass Idol provides .25 Mana Regen, 5 Max Mana, and 1 Magic Damage.

copper idol recipe

The Copper Idol provides .5 Mana Regen.

bronze idol recipe

The Bronze Idol provides .5 Mana Regen and 5 Max Mana.

iron idol recipe

The Iron Idol provides .5 Mana Regen and 2 Magic Damage.

silver idol recipe

The Silver Idol provides .75 Mana Regen, 5 Max Mana, 4 Magic Armor, and 2 Magic Damage.

gold idol recipe

The Gold Idol provides 1 Mana Regen, 5 Max Mana, and 4 Magic Armor.