Portal Blocks can be used to create one way teleporters, they need to be powered by steam power. They provide an in-game way to move instantaneously to a location. You will have to build one at each side of a location to have a two-way portal.

It can take a little trial and error to get the math right. Be careful when building your teleporters as it is very possible to get stuck in solid blocks and suffocate to death. Such is the life of a portal engineer.

Portal Recipe

A Portal Block is the start of any portal system. It is built with Obsidian and Diamonds:

portal block recipe

Powering Your Portal

You must then power the portal with steam power. For each point of steam power they build up, they can teleport you one block. They have a maximum steam power of 5000, limiting the number of blocks a single teleporter can move a player to 5000.

You will know your portal has built enough steam for a single trip when it begins emitting purple end particles.

portal example

Portal Controls

The blocks surrounding the portal determine where it teleports you. You can build columns out of several materials to tell the portal how far to send you in each direction:

  • Glowstone = 128 Blocks
  • Obsidian = 64 Blocks
  • Stone = 8 Blocks
  • Glass = 1 Block

With the portal block in the middle to the north of our portal block are the up and down columns (Y axis controls), to the south the pillars are the North and South (Z axis controls) columns, and to either side are the West and East (X axis controls) columns.

If you were looking down on a block grid from above it would look like:


Where P is the Portal Block and the rest of the letters represent controlling the portals destination. D is the column to control the number of blocks down the portal will send you. U is the column to control the number of blocks up. W is the column to send you west, and E to the East. N is the column to send you North and S to the South. Note there is always a block of space between the portal block and the column controlling a dimension.

The final teleport will be x: East - West, y: Up - Down, and z: South - North.

One of the side effects of this setup is that if you wish to build two portals that send you between each other, they are going to be mirror opposites where the size of the West and East, Down and Up, and North and South columns are flipped. After you build the first one you just need to go where it takes you and build a second one with opposite columns.