Getting Started

Getting Started

How to Play

MK-Ultra is designed to play mostly like the original survival mode so your early game should be about the same as normal, however you will want to unlock your first class as soon as possible:

You need to learn about Smelting at least enough to learn how to make Brass and Bronze ingots. To do this you need to find some Copper, Zinc, and Tin ore out in the world. Once you have 1 Brass Ingot and 4 Bronze Ingots you can make the Sun Icon.

Following that you will want to build an Xp Table so that you can begin leveling up and get more abilities.

Other Mod Documentation

If you are playing the full version including all optional mods you may want to keep in mind the documentation for a few of the mods:


There are a few things you might want to configure before you start playing.

Make Sure Minecraft Gets Enough RAM

If you are using the MK-Ultra Launcher this step will be unnecessary.

The default gig allocated for Minecraft is not enough. You will need at least 3 or 4 gigs to load up all the various mods if you’re using the full setup. With the bare minimum load out you will probably be fine with the default amount.

You can configure this using the Minecraft Launcher.

First open the hamburger icon on the Launcher:

hamburger icon location

Then click on the Launch Options submenu:

launch options

Find your Forge 1.12.2 Option and open it, you will see a screen that looks like this, find the JVM Arguments line:

default arguments

Now change the first bit of this line from ‘-Xmx1G’ to either ‘-Xmx3G’ or ‘-Xmx4G’.

more ram

Now click save and you are ready to launch the game with more ram.


A few new keybinds are introduced by MK-Ultra. You might want to configure them to be some other setup than the default.

You can find all hotkey configuration options under the MK-Ultra submenus in the Controls Menu:

hotkey categories

Ability Hotkeys

By default the ability hotkeys are bound to alt-1 through alt-5.

Class Panel

The class panel is the ui screen that allows you to learn abilities and see details about your stats. The default hotkey for it is ‘J’.