At the moment MK Ultra introduces one more crop. The product of the Hemp Plant is used for a variety of things throughout the mod, from armor to ropes.


hemp plants

If you inspect wheat seeds you will find some of them are not quite the same. With these new seeds you can start your very own hemp crop.

hemp seed recipe

Hemp grows up to 4 blocks high and must be planted in wet soil. If you plant hemp plants too close together they will grow slower, they should be grown in a checkerboard problem.

Uses for Hemp

When you get the leaves from hemp there are a few things you can do with them.

If you smash them you will produce hemp fibers, which can be used to produce armor or rope.

hemp crack hammer


These fibers can be used to produce Rope:

rope recipe

Ropes can be used like ladders, except they are placeable from above and if you break one all rope below it falls down. Our implementation was inspired by the implementation found in Better Than Wolves.

rope preview

Cloth for Armor

They can also be used to produce a variety of cloths for building armor:

gold threaded cloth recipe

iron threaded cloth recipe


You can use the seeds to make a more nutritrious bread that will keep you going longer.

hemp bread recipe

Mana Restoration

Finally, you can also make a pipe and use it with right click in order to consume a hemp leaf and get a small boost to your current and max mana.

pipe recipe

This can be invaluable if you are finding yourself running out of mana during combat.