Armor Classes

Armor Classes

All armors have been categorized into one of 4 categories and when choosing your class you will be restricted to wearing certain armors. This is to promote balance between offensive and defensive characters and variety in equipment. There are armor sets to go with all the new metals introduced, as well as some armor sets designed specifically to help with caster itemization.


Robes are the lightest armor class, everyone is able to wear these armors. They most often provide benefits to magic heavy characters, and are the only type of armors pure casters can wear. The one exception is Starsteel, which gives everyone access to a strong armor on account of its light-weight, magical nature.

robe class armors

In order to craft the Copper-Threaded, Iron-Threaded, and Gold-Threaded robes you first must assemble the cloth they are made out of. All cloth recipes involve 1 ingot of the appropriate type and either wool or hemp fibers:

Copper threaded cloth is the only robe cloth currently able to be created with wool:

copper threaded cloth

The rest of the robes need hemp fibers, which will come from farming the new hemp crop.

iron threaded cloth

gold threaded cloth

Then you assemble the actual armor pieces from these cloths as follows:

cloth armor boots

cloth armor chestplate

cloth armor helmet

cloth armor leggings

Light Armor

Light armors don’t provide much protection, but they are better than robes.

light class armors

Bone leather was added to the game in order to give a much more durable, combat ready light armor than the default leather (which falls apart way too soon). It will be the bread and butter armor for light armor classes.

You can craft the armor by first crafting Bone Leather Cloth:

bone leather recipe

And then the armor recipes are as you would expect:

bone leather boots

bone leather chestplate

bone leather helmet

bone leather leggings

There is also an upgraded form of Bone Leather called Steel-Infused Bone, you can make the armor with the Steel-Infused Bone Leather item:

steel infused bone leather recipe

Made from: Steel Powder, Bone, and Leather

Medium Armor

Medium armors are worn by characters who find themselves in the thick of things, even if they are not necessarily a tank class.

medium armor class

The only armor out of the normal in the medium class is the chainmail, which is created from iron ingots and leather:

chainmail boots

chainmail chestplate

chainmail helmet

chainmail leggings

Heavy Armor

Heavy armors are worn by the tankiest of classes and provide the most protection.

heavy armor class

All of these recipes are made from standard ingots as you would expect.


Many of the extra armors used in MK: Ultra have been implemented by a third party mod: BaseMetals, you can find the original wiki, which is a bit out of date, here the content here is a reproduction of the aforementioned for the ease of use of MK: Ultra players. A huge thank you to DrCyano (now retired) and his successor jriwanek for making this mod and keeping it updated!